Cruise around in a rag top ride (Total War Rome II, 2013; Don’t Starve, 2013-2014; Tales from the Borderlands, 2014; Game of Thrones, 2014; Evolve, ?; etc)

I’ve been a bit flooded by games releases and steam sales. As always, too much produce not enough. Hence, not enough posts here. But I’m bringing it back, bring it back, bring it back again.

Let’s mention a few game I played these days and expect to play much more:

A few years before, I enjoyed Total War Rome, even though graphics we’re already seriously outdated. Same goes for Total War Medieval. Napoleon Total War is ok multiplayer-wise but the campaign really bored me. Probably similarly to Hearts of Iron, the further you start in history and the less room you have from the start in a strategy game. Anyway Total War Rome II is fine in both regards of graphics and gameplay. Plus the campaign is properly playable in multiplayer -provided you focus to do common offensives with whoever you multiplay it with. Even though the interface is far from being perfect, it can be slightly improved with mods. I’m now looking forward an updated Total War Medieval.

Familiar with Don’t Starve? No? That’s a survival game with neat cartoon graphics that now goes multiplayer. Still beta, Don’t Starve Together is working fine and, at least, a must try if not a must have. It integrates with steam workshop were you can find collections of small interface improvements.

So Telltale Tales from the Borderlands & Game of Thrones were released. I was looking forward these two and hoped they would meet the quality of the original series. Hoped, was afraid even. Not about the graphics or interface, Telltale talent regarding graphics is a constant and, since The Walking Dead series 2 and The Wolf Among Us, their engine is working fine (best played with a gamepad), but about everything else.  And that’s a relief, in both case the result is beyond my expectations. Tales from the Borderlands makes me feel I’m restarting a Borderlands 1 game, as if Borderlands was new to me. Game of Thrones starts slow, I was wondering what to do with the moron I was entrusted with in first chapter. I won’t spoil the rest but the next few chapter was as predictable and unpredictable as is Games of Thrones. Obviously, I’ve read on Telltale forum some complains about how much or how small your choices affect the game. As Telltale put it, your choices tailor the game, as if you were reading the book and had the opportunity to follow one character instead of another or make one die instead of another; but there is a well-written story behind, so there are mandatory events -chapters follows, there are not random. Plus the story you are playing must stay consistent with the rest of Games of Thrones: you cannot make Hodor wed Cersei. Anyway, both are refreshing. You should try them.

Let’s mention now future expected releases:

As the next guy, I’m a bit puzzled by announced requirements for The Witcher 3. My current box runs most game in ultra quality but looks like it won’t even meet the minimum requirements. We’ll see.

I played Evolve‘s beta and it seemed neat to me. Smooth action and all. But I don’t picture myself paying 40€ or 60€ for a game that will have DLC and season pass. The business model seems horrendous. Wait & See.

Same goes for GTA V, I’m obviously interested. But I won’t be paying 60€ for a port of a game that was released more than one year ago on console. If there’s no hurry for them to make the game available, there is no hurry for me to play it. Why paying full price to play an already old game that is not even designed for your hardware but just a dumb late port? Wait & See.

Wide open highway and the sun going down make me feel alright, make me feel alright.