Sure I was young, cheap and chav (Grimm, 2011-2014; How to Get Away with Murder, 2014-2015)

It’s the summer, there are less series than usual. I’m still watching Grimm (as mentioned before) and am astonished that it still take to the main characters, cops, at least half but more like two third of each episode to understand they are dealing with these “wesen” surnatural beast. As they always do. And the clues are not so hard to catch (body slashed by gigantic claws, etc).


Unrelated, decent but not always very consistent is How to Get Away with Murder. It’s about students in a law school that get internship at their teacher’s law firm. I won’t describe it in details not to spoil it. Least I can say that they’ll learn for their own benefit how to legally get away with murder.

It’s properly paced, interesting despite not being always overly consistent. For instance, they make it look hard to know where was a phone location at a given time, as if it was necessary to access the phone itself or else, while this data can so easily obtained by the telecom provider. Some potential key witness also fails to come forward as soon as possible, such a cop that saw some guys he dont know moving some strange rugs, at the place where he knows someone else live, even though this person involved in a major case suddenly disappeared.

I also  wonder how likely is it to see on a current tv show a main character, supposedly good, that would be white, shouting : “you were screwing some black whore”.

Apparently a second season is planned. It can be good, it can also be improved.

Aside from that steam summer sales started. The Witcher series in on sale right now.

But lately I’ve had dreams of blood You had me where you want me so you thought.


What prey for us today? (The Wolf of Wall Street, 2013; The Wolf Among Us, 2013-2014; Grimm, 2011-2014)

I was in no hurry to watch The Wolf of Wall Street, even though critics are apologetic about it, even though I generally enjoy Martin Scorcese stuff. I don’t think traders of Wall Street are contributing to worldwide economy is a useful way for mankind and I’m not readily able to devote 179 minutes to hear about them and their life concerns, no matter how it’s done.

But I had to watch it -it’s still Scorcese- and I did. Well, it’s unsurprisingly a good movie. Well played, well produced, blah blah. But in the end, I really don’t care about the characters, my mind is set to side with the FBI (the yacht scene in which the main character tries to bribe an agent is a delight)… and I did not really pay attention to the last 20/30 minutes of the movie.

You even have to wonder about this wolf-naming scheme: in what manner this main trader character even slightly relate to a wolf? Wolf-wise, I’d more enclined to think about the main character of The Wolf Among Us, the big bad wolf doing some bad and some good as any proper sheriff of Fabletown should.

Not creating but dealing withDirty to keep you safe Still the bad guy

You haven’t played it yet? As every other recent point-and-click Telltale adventure, that’s a must play, a must watch. Tremendous graphics, captivating story, I would have said the best Tellgame game ever but Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones, after one episode each, both felt as good.

That's the job
Not as perfectly executed but interesting nonetheless is Grimm, also taking fairy tales/folklore characters and planting them in our current world. That’s some sort of new Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The main character is actually not of much interest (I’ve seen only season 1 so far, though) but people around him are. For instance, Monroe the Blutbad played by Silas Weir Mitchell.

 Fulfill the given promise, grim legacy to come?