N’y pense plus, tu es de passage II. (Cities: Skylines, 2015)

Testing further Cities: Skylines, 2015, so far I managed to build a perfect highway interchange. Except that this one, three layered, is overly expensive. Three times the price of my first attempt (some roundabout on top of the highway, typical of “Paris périphérique”) :

2015-05-16_00003 2015-05-16_00001

The next logical option was to make a cheaper version by reducing the number of lanes of the direction changes. I even added pedestrian passage.


It is way cheaper but it’s still a very big thing hard to place. So I just realized that having highway exits on both sides at the same spot could actually be avoided. It’s not clear yet whether two T intersect are obviously less space consuming than one single X intersect. So here’s my next proposal:


All these are available in an asset collection.


N’y pense plus, tu es de passage (Cities XL, 2009; Sim City 5, 2013; Cities: Skylines, 2015)

Some time ago, I was replaying good old Sim City 4 Deluxe.  Then I had other stuff to do and it did not make much progress. Then Sim City was released. And by Sim City, they, EA Games, meant Sim City 5. Thanks to my general rule to never buy any game released by EA Games, I skipped it and reviews confirmed that I was not missing anything.

On the side, I also gave a try to Cities XL. The very notion of zoning residential area with a specific social class set seemed to me unrealistic. France’s very own history and her many “cité nucléaire” (common name for suburban areas supposed to host, when built, rocket science searchers and workers and that are now filled by unemployed and criminals) tells how much can differ what you actually designed and planned and what you ended up with on a 20/30 years time span.

And Paradox Interactive published Cities: Skylines. I usually like Paradox approach so I had to give it a try. It’s looks like a new take on Sim City 4. It’s said that transportation is a primary aspect of the game and that’s actually quite a challenge to design some transportation system that scales.

When you start your city, you are limited by cash flow. I did a few clumsy tests. Then I knew from some episode of Myth Buster that roundabouts are more effective that any other crossroads systems. So I went on and designed some big highway roundabout to link districts.


Soon, though, I realized I just made up something very common on “Paris périphérique”, which one is stuck at least four times a day. Thanks to the steam workshop and clever system of added assets within the game, I found many clever intersections designs. Some people clever did their homework. Road intersections common in Europe are there!


Still, being quite happy with my roundabout system, even though it does not exactly scale, I made further test with it, for instance split it to serve a district only (intersection as T instead of X) instead of two. I’ve read some stuff, checked some Neufert, and finally came up with the idea to multiply layers. The following works nice:


Whichever direction you want to take, you only change direction once. The only drawback is that this construction is tremendously expensive to built and to maintain. So my next step will probably to try to make it cheaper, probably but reducing the amount of lanes when you change directions.

2015-05-15_00004 On the road again!