They said he came from the wrong side of town (The Musketeers, 2014)

Missing some modern-eraish ambiance, waiting for the Witcher 3 to go public? Maybe you ought to give a try to The Musketeers. There is not much to say about the content: de cape et d’épée 101. Ok, I’ve read some review about how the king could have been portrayed otherwise, wtf with the sexy leather clothes, and this and that, but I wonder whether this kind-of-fun-to-read-review is really supposed to make a point or just working hard to be fun to read. Because it’s fun to read, this review, clearly. But, really, I enjoyed watching the Musketeers nonetheless.

That’s neither The Wire smart, nor 30 Rock lunatic, nor Family Guy educative, but still. I enjoyed hearing Constance Bonacieux telling her name in no way it would sound even remotely just a little bit like in french and, then, having d’Artagnan reacting and calling her by her name with perfect spotless french accent. And I rarely seen any musket being fired in any musketeers related movie before, so there’s something new here. Anyway, big picture-wise, I do not expect de cape et d’épée to be much more than what it is. Even Cyrano de Bergerac, which I thought so clever when I was 13 y.o. is based on a rather primitive plot (how to mindfuck the pretty girl, with some theory about ugliness/beauty of body/mind, while no one dare to wonder whether she has anything but her nice ass to show for). So I’m not tremendously ashamed to rather look forward next episodes, Look out! Look out! Look out! Look out!, it’s actually more refreshing than any Modern Family episode of this season (blatant that comedian/authors now despises their characters so make such annoying caricatures out of them).


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