It’s the youth of today, Sometimes full of sorrow (Bluestone 42, 2013)

Remember The Hurt Locker? This was one of the, if not the, first film about war in Iraq. it focused on a bomb squad, not so sexy by definition. But the movie is great nonetheless – and according to wikipedia, nobody will me challenge about it, so I might as well just stop commenting it.

Since then Over There, that I already mentioned here, took up the challenge to bring to the TV the current conflict.


Now Bluestone 42 follow up on that, in Afghanistan, with a touch of delicate british (oxymoron, I know) humor. So far I’ve watched only two episodes (less than 30 minutes each). Obviously, this cannot be compared in term of realism to Over There. There was no Fallout-like sequence of Golden Gecko shooting in Over There, for instance.


It’s a sign, though, that these Iraq/Afghanistan wars are getting an acceptable subject of fiction. First a esthetic drama movie, then a realist drama series and now a drama comedy series… Soon the kids will harden, try to right from wrong, The cry of the legion, now a victory song.


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