Its not in your head, you’re a living dead (L4D & L4D2 & The Walking Dead, 2006-2012)

Zombies are hip. Don’t ask me why they are, or to prove it (hint: specific blatantly-off-topic game mods). Seems to me people talk about it everyday, or almost. I don’t know when the current trend started exactly. The Road? I Am Legend? I guess it is related to the fascination of post-apocalyptic world ; after all, eschatology is a major issue of most monotheims.

Anyway, before that, I had in mind that zombies was somehow result of witchcraft. But now, it looks like an experiment that went wrong, a biohazard that went wild.

It’s the case of the Infected in Left 4 Dead (2006) and Left 4 Dead 2 (2009):

It seems to be the case of the Walkers of The Walking Dead (2010):

The whole point of this article is, actually, just to highlight of many similarities (ambiance, characters, weaponry, etc) of these video games and this TV show. Because both are great. The video games use Source engine so the gameplay is alike Half-Life²/CS:S, which is very fine by me, and is very very well thought for cooperative multiplayer (teams of four, as humans or as infected). The TV series is quite captivating, even if characters are where we expect them to be. You should give a try to both.

I’m still wondering whether the video game inspired the TV show or the contrary, or if by any chance the video game was not itself inspired by the comics the TV show is based on. I plan to look into the comics ASAP.

Even funnier (yes, funny), it came to my attention that Telltale Games, publisher of the über-absurd (but a bit redundant maybe) point-n-click Sam & Max, plan to release a The Walking Dead game. Not a multiplayer game, not a game where you can go zombie, so it will not make much sense to compare its gameplay to L4D/L4D2, though. You wanna be undead so you can be hunted?

Warning: L4D/L4D2 is really meant to be played as a cooperative multiplayer game. It’s not worth it if you do not play it with friends along on voicechat. There is a reason why Steam proposes it as a pack for four players, it’s really about survival and you can’t really do it without real cooperation.

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